Pearls Of Wealth Safelists and Safelist Hosting

Safelist Owner Rental Agreement

By selecting the checkbox on our signup page, and renting a Pearls Of Wealth Safelist Business, you understand and agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • Both the Pearls Of Wealth main website and rental websites, and all graphic, scripting and programming content used to constuct them, aside from resources and text added by the renters during setup or their admin areas, is only permitted for use on the rental Pearls Of Wealth domain copyright ©2001-2003 S. Markon unless purchased from and given express provable permission by S. Markon. The automated Safelist duplication installation program, any other custom software developed by us, and any custom graphical content developed by us is not to be used anywhere other than the domain or any domains owned by without provable purchased or given rights granted by S. Markon to do so in which case the purchased software or graphic entitles the buyer to use it on the domain agreed upon between the buyer and S. Markon with a single license that is not resellable.
  • Spamming in any manner via either the domain or any affiliated domains will result in immediate seizure of rental website and termination of all accounts in any affiliated domains without refund or warning. Pearls Of Wealth reserves the sole right to judge improper online etiquette, behavior, and spam with regards to its own domains. Spamming or hacking attempts will result in formal complaints filed with your ISPs, web hosts, intermediate ISPs and host networks, and your local police department if the attempt is considered serious. No renter or member is permitted to signup who has SpamCOP or other spam filters attached to their email. Any inappropriate behavior from you such as hacking, virii, cheating, warez, cracks, mp3s, pornography, hate mongering, copyright infringement, or slander of others and/or their businesses that results in damages or loss to Pearls Of Wealth shall be covered by the renter perpetrating such, and immediate repossession of the website. Upon notice of inappropriate content, it must immediately be removed from the website.
  • Abuse of other customers, companies, or people in the form of slander, accusations, attempted defamation of character in attempts to gain a business edge, impersonating Pearls Of Wealth staff, or any other mannerism deemed inappropriate will result in immediate seizure and permanent loss of rental website and business. Offenders may also have their information publicized to the business community, with details of the offense committed in order to assist in protecting the online e-business community.
  • As the renter, you are not permitted to manually create a list without the confirmation of the members involved. The lists are to be strictly double opt-in only, and all messages sent through the systems shall have an appropriate remove link enclosed at the end of the email automatically.
  • The initial monthly pricing for the rental website and safelist business is agreed upon payment and is effective to up to 300 safelist members per rental. A surcharge of an additional $5.00 per 300 members without the Autosend feature, or $10.00 per 300 members with the Autosend feature is agreed to by the renter THOUGH we do NOT charge this unless it is deemed absolutely necessary to continue mailing quality (ie. it depends on how busy the list is and how much hardware it must use). Failure to submit the monthly payment on time each month will result in loss of the rental and its being rented to another customer, which is irreversible
  • Autosubmitters that access the network remotely via a third party are NOT permitted on the Pearls Of Wealth domain, except for the autosubmitter we are releasing shortly which will be specifically designed to work efficiently with all websites here only, and run in cooperation with the rest of the network. Lists included in the Pearls autosubmitter will be controlled by the administrators, whether or not they permit autojoin or autosubmit, and we are the only ones with the kind of access necessary to write a Pearls autosubmitter in the most efficient possibly manner which will not slow websites or cause network problems for the community. We do not permit the use of any third party autosubmitters that we do not know how they might affect uptime, which is the priority here above supporting software which may cause problems. Auto-programs are only permitted on this Network when the developer of the software arranges an appropriate business agreement with us including compensation for the excess cost we experience in consequence for their usage of our Network to further their profits. There are NO exceptions to this, because our customer site uptime is of the utmost importance. Actual site visits are considered preferable also as opposed to automated submissions (even using our own submitter) due to the fact these visitors are much more likely to purchase a membership from you, and the visit helps search engine and other rankings based on visitation popularity. Any autosubmitter that IS at any point permitted here must be ultimately approved by Pearls Of Wealth before being used here.
  • The renter is responsible for monitoring the bouncing and behavior of their safelist members and visitor ethics. Failure to maintain acceptable and professional customer service and member community, failure to deal with excessive bouncing, or activity involving piracy or pornography unacceptable with United States and Canadian laws will result in termination of rental as well as possible legal action and formal complaints in your local area. Acceptable use of the rental website is at our sole discretion.
  • The renter agrees that falsification of business information is unacceptable on the Pearls Of Wealth domain and its affiliate domains. At no time will the renter exhibit dishonesty about advertising unrealistic or impossible earnings for membership subscribers, or promise anything else that cannot or will not be delivered. Any dishonesty and falsification that defames the Pearls Of Wealth domain or any of its affiliates, artifically inflates memberships, or sets out to deceive customers of the rental safelist or the Pearls Of Wealth company in general will result in immediate loss of the rental website without refund or notification.
  • Voting boxes for rental safelists will be coded by request for a one-time $2.00 fee. If you purchase a voting form for your rental safelist and website, honesty in the ranking sites' methods of determining popularity is required. Artificially generating false votes via repetitive voting via a dialup or other connection is easily noticable and will result in the voting box removed, complaints lodged with the ranking websites (and probably therefore your site being removed), and possible termination of your rental since the rules are understood prior to renting. We can tell if you do this and it is at our discretion that you are found guilty of falsifying votes and therefore messing up the ranking systems.
  • Selling of email addresses by the renter is prohibited. Usage of contact emails is for you as the admin to send important admin emails relating to your customers' memberships, and for occassional admin solo advertising or reporting WITHIN REASON. Abuse of contact emails (ie. sending multiple daily ads for unrelated websites, reporting every single virus that arrives in your inbox that everyone already knows about, multiple daily vote and upgrade nags, sending slanderous messages revealing private conversations to defame someone you have a disagreement with to contact emails, complaining about personal problems, arguments with other people online, and so-forth so that members start to ignore serious (or your own) admin emails because they are getting a million irrelevent contact emails per day) will NOT BE TOLERATED. You can send admin recommendations, Solo Ads you have sold, and your own promotions of course but please keep it within reason and with a Business theme.
  • Technical support is given on a per ticket basis in order of the severity of a support request. Assistance in understanding admin procedures and programs, or safelist dynamics in general, as well as custom programming, alterations, and design is available at additional monthly or flat rates depending on the support required.
  • Resale of rental websites is strictly prohibited and will result in seizure of the website since it is a rental, not an outright purchase, which enables us to charge a small monthly rate as opposed to an expensive purchased custom website pricetag. Outright purchasing of safelist, matrix, and other ecommerce application websites are available for creation, and we should be contacted with detailed information regarding your business needs to evaluate a sale on a per case basis. Subleasing your website may be acceptable as determined on a per case basis providing that notification is received by us from you as the original renter, and monthly payments are kept up-to-date. Actually a lot of people seem to do well buying lists, building them up for a little while, then subleasing them, HOWEVER, the new renter MUST set up the monthly subscription the SAME day they receive access to the website (we will place a payment button in the main administration area of the site). Additionally, sites cannot be given away or sold for the purpose of the new renter harvesting the database of email addresses, then simply not paying for anything after they've had access. Anyone who takes over a list and attempts to steal an email database without paying for it will be locked out of the site, and the site will either be re-leased or given back to the previous administrator, since this type of activity is theft (from us and from the selling administrator as well if they gave the buyer access under the "promise" of a sales fee), and is also spam (harvesting email addresses to use for leads elsewhere). Hosting for a large established list will likely be more than for a startup list, depending on the size and sending time limits, and the selling administrator may also have a fee included within the hosting rate (which is provided to him or her monthly). Therefore, hosting fees and/or sales fees for selling administrators are NOT negotiable. For taking over an established website, the hosting fee will NOT be reduced down to the level of a mimimal startup list with no members by deleting all the features, though you can add extra features at no extra charge (except autosend and/or custom programming). Please if you take over a website, make sure you know all fees ahead of time and can afford them.

  • After you have installed the website, there are no refunds for any reason, and to terminate the automatic subscription you must do it via Paypal. Cancellation of the subscription will result in repossession of the site to be leased again to another person as a prepopulated list, and will only be repossessed once the last month's payment you have made had expired. If for any reason you want to keep a list but are short of funds for a few days or so past the exact date of payment, please email us because we are not particularly strict about what exact DAY you pay on, just that its once monthly.

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